Aircraft Maintenance Services

Keeping you safe and in the air.

Davis Aircraft Services Inc. is a Transport Canada (AMO 66-12) and United States FAA (MIP) approved organization specializing in small fleet and corporate aircraft maintenence. At the end of the day our goals are simple: provide you with world-class aviation maintenance services for your aircraft while limiting any unnecessary down-time; keeping you safe and in the air. Our highly experienced technicians are uniquely qualified in maintenance all aspects of your aircraft. Davis Aircraft Services is internationally recognized for the aviation maintenance services below.

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The Davis Aircraft team is renowned for offering only the highest quality maintenance and inspection services focused on safety and minimizing downtime. These services include:

All Scheduled Airframe and Systems Maintenance Inspections as per:
>  the aircraft manufacturers maintenance manuals
>  Air Operators approved maintenance schedules
>  CAR STD 625 Appendix B

All Scheduled Engine Line Maintenance for:
>  Pratt & Whitney Canada
>  Honeywell
>  Williams International
>  Textron Lycoming Piston Engines
>  Continental Piston Engines

Davis Aircraft also partners with Cougar NDE to provide the facilitation of non-destructive testing.


The Davis Aircraft team is fully certified in both sheet metal and composite aircraft repairs, allowing us to provide complete aircraft structural maintenance services. These services include:

>  Minor and Major Structural Inspection
>  Minor and Major Repair of Sheet Metal Structure
>  Modification or Alteration of Sheet Metal Structures
>  Installation and Certification of Supplemental Type Certified Modification Kits


Davis Aircraft Services has received TCCA, FAA, & EASA STC approvals for the Cessna 206 Forward Cargo Door Modification.

AN AMOC has now been issued effective 17-September-2020 alleviating AD CF-2000-10 with the split cargo door modification installed.

In 2020 Transport Canada issued an AIRWORTHINESS DIRECTIVE CF-2020-10 which will restrict all U206 aircraft to 5 seats maximum with the installation of service kit SK206-40 by October of 2020 to return the rear cargo door handle to the stowed position, which at the last time I checked was not available from Cessna and/or the installation of SUPPLEMENTAL TYPE CERTIFICATE SA1470GL the forward right crew door. This still leave the aircraft with only 5 usable seats. Note that the 206H and T206H operate under a Canadian Type Certificate which only allows for the use of 5 seat.

Davis Aircraft has been certified to perform the necessary modifications to address this issue, which will allow for the U206 to maintain its 6 seat capacity and for the 206H to go back to its 6 seat capacity, approved. For more information click here. For details about pricing and options, please contact us.


Davis Aircraft Services partners with the most dependable organizations within the aviation industry to help facilitate unscheduled maintenance, troubleshooting, and 24 Hour AOG Service. These services include:

>  Avionics Troubleshooting and Repair
>  Major Engine Repairs
>  Repair/Overhaul of Starter Generators


In addition to the facilitated services outlined in the scheduled and unscheduled maintenance services above, we work with our industry-leading partners to provide:

>  Interior Refurbishment
>  Instrument Repair


Davis Aircraft Services is proud to offer reliable and timely on-site mobile services to all airports across North America. Our on-site mobile services include:

>  Pre-Purchase Inspections
>  Defect Repairs
>  Aircraft Servicing
>  Scheduled Maintenance Checks

For additional on-site services, please contact us for arrangements.


The Davis Aircraft team offers professional and expert aircraft recovery services including:

>  incident recovery to a ferriable state
>  incident recovery requiring aircraft requiring aircraft disassembly, crating, and shipping, (including slinging the aircraft out of remote locations)

For insurance and project estimates please contact us.

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